Predictive Safety Partners With the REX Company To Expand Their ASEAN Presence.

Predictive Safety has partnered with the REX Company to increase the presence of our solutions in the ASEAN markets. REX is on the cutting edge of technology and our fatigue and alertness solutions are going to reinforce their mission of bringing innovation solutions that create sustainable and smart infrastructures. 

Stephens Thé, President of the REX Company says ” We are pleased to include Predictive Safety and all their technology in our suite of offers as they are a perfect fit with REX. We are both on the cutting edge of safety technology and we are excited to bring their tech into the ASEAN markets.”

This is a tremendous opportunity to introduce PRISM & The AlertMeter® to these markets that are embracing safety technology for maximum safety and productivity. 

If you would like to learn more about how Predictive Safety’s Fatigue Management & Alertness Solutions can help your company please schedule a discovery demo meeting today!


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