Predictive Safety is a company with integrity and respect for diversity. They are a high-performance company, and working with them has been great. I can recommend them for any project.

Estelle van Aarde

Wellness Advisor, Anglo American, Sishen Mine, Northern Cape, South Africa

The future of PRISM™ is bright because as soon as managers and leaders grasp [the benefits], they’ll realize that there’s huge potential [in it], not only in health and safety but also in productivity.

Aart van den Brink

General Manager, Anglo American, Kolomela Mine, Northern Cape, South Africa

PRISM™ has prevented a lot of injuries and encouraged employees to live a healthier lifestyle.

Annie Seleka

Occupational Health Nurse


What we liked most about how AlertMeter® aligned with our workforce philosophy was that culturally it was a shift in how we respected the employee and their well-being and our regard for their safety when they came to work which set a different message and tone than the options we had in drug testing. We’ve seen [AlertMeter] as a way to hire more thoughtful employees and are seeing a benefit from a productivity uptick that aligns with how long AlertMeter has been [in use as] a system for us.
Jon Young

General Manager, Vforge, Lakewood, Colorado

Our initial concern and reason for contacting Predictive Safety were two-fold: workers reporting without an adequate amount of sleep, as well as [the need for] a defense against substance impairment [on the job]. We found that AlertMeter® satisfied both of these needs, and an added benefit has been that since employees know that they will be tested daily they are reporting to work in a better condition and ready to go to work.

Gary Ostermueller

General Manager, Prudential Stainless & Alloys, Woodbridge, New Jersey

In this age of recreational marijuana, prescription drugs, alcohol use, and increasing [challenges with] worker fatigue, determining an employee’s cognitive ability and readiness for work has become complex and often requires more than a drug-testing program alone. AlertMeter® is an excellent tool for businesses looking for a real-time impairment testing solution.

Jim McMillen

Director of Safety Services, Pinnacol Assurance, Colorado State Workers' Compensation Provider

Transportation & Logistics

We think AlertMeter® is the best bang for the buck of any of our safety practices.  The feedback it gives to our employees motivates them to take responsibility for their off-time lifestyle behavior. they are definitely arriving more alert and more rested than they used to.”

Dickson Morley

SH&E Director, Savage Services