PRISM Fatigue Management System

Visualize, Quantify, And Predict Fatigue In Real-Time
Before It Becomes A Risk For The Safest, Most Productive Workforce!

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PRISM Fatigue Management Systems

Visualize, Quantify, And Predict Fatigue In Real-Time Before It Becomes A Risk For The Safest, Most Productive Workforce!
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Real-time Notification of Acute Fatigue and Risk of Fatigue


Reduce Total Safety Incidents & Individual Incident Severity

Improve Worker Productivity, Morale & Commitment to Safety

Trusted By These Industry Leaders

Industry leading companies that use the PRISM fatigue management system

Watch how PRISM provides supervisors with the power to predict when worker when workers will enter into high risk fatigue states.


Visualize, Quantify & Predict Fatigue In Real Time


Increase Productivity & Reduce Fatigue Risk


Daily Reporting & Proactive Risk Notifications

Over 70 Million Worker-Hours Tracked


Validated in clinical trials


70 million worker-hours tracked


9 patents

Warehouse Worker Has Work Related Accident and Falls.
Warehouse Worker Has Work Related Accident and Falls.

Unmanaged Fatigue Is…

A fatigued worker is a dangerous worker, potentially even as dangerous as one who is intoxicated. Balance, coordination, and motor skills, as well as cognitive functioning, are all negatively affected by fatigue, increasing your risk for accidents and errors.


Putting Your Company At Risk

Fatigue has been cited as a factor in some of the biggest industrial accidents in history, including:

  • The Exxon Valdez Tanker Accident (1989)
  • BP Texas City oil refinery explosion (2005)
  • Colgan Air Crash (2009)
  • Deepwater Horizon oil spill (2010)
  • Nuclear accidents at Chernobyl (1986) and Three Mile Island (1979)

Costing Your Company Money

A typical employer with 1,000 employees can expect to lose more than $1.5 million a year due to fatigue: 

  • $272,000 due to absenteeism
  • $776,000 due to “presenteeism” (employees who are at work but not fully functional)
  • $536,000 in healthcare costs

PRISM-Monitor & PRISM-Workforce
Giving You the Power to Predict, Manage, and Mitigate Risk Due to Fatigue

PRISM-Monitor gives managers and supervisors the ability to quantify and observe the potential for and the progression of fatigue. Predict fatigue hot spots in individual workers, shifts, and departments, enabling fatigue to be quantified so it can be managed delivering safer, more productive shifts.

  • Delivers fatigue prediction reports at the start of each shift 
  • Real-time fatigue prediction alerts are sent to every supervisor providing the opportunity to engage countermeasures
  • No direct workforce engagement is required and no wearables

PRISM-Workforce engages the entire team with personalized alerts when fatigue progresses to at-risk levels. PRISM-Workforce is also the only Fatigue Management System that can assess worker alertness relative to predicted fatigue.

  • Works with AlertMeter® to accurately asssess when fatigue has progressed to impairment
  • Empowers workers and supervisors to engage effective countermeasures
  • Has a high level of worker confidence enhancing a culture of safety

Predictive. Proactive. Proven.




Three Steps to a Safer, More Productive Work Force

1. Assess & Analyze

Workers take the 60-second, app-based, validated* AlertMeter® Alertness Test. Results are analyzed and compared with a personal baseline to determine readiness to perform duties.

2.Track & Notify

Results are tracked and added to PRISM’s predictive alghorythm. Supervisors are notified if worker demonstrates acute fatigue sufficient to induce impairment or when a worker is at risk for becoming impaired due to fatigue.

3. Manage & Mitigate

Armed with objective data, workers and supervisors can collaborate in employing simple, proactive, effective countermeasures so that in most cases, workers can remain on the job, safely.

Discover How PRISM Has Reduced Risk & Created a Culture of Safety at Anglo American’s Kolomela Mine, Northern Cape, South Africa

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Discover How Predictive Safety Can Help You Create a Safer, More Productive Workforce...

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